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Astrometry C++ Software on Board a Nanosatellite

Type de contrat CDD Assistant-e ingénieur-e d'exploitation d'instrument (H/F)
Contexte CENSUS is a small team with facilities in Meudon. Individual office room, desk and laptop with docking and display are provided. Enterprise restaurant on site. Partial refunded of the NAVIGO pass (upon adminstration rules).

Missions CENSUS is the space pole of PSL University, hosted at Paris Observatory - PSL. CENSUS was granted a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) for an experiment called “AbC” (Angle-based Correlation) on board their OPS-SAT satellite currently in orbit. The experiment AbC is on going, a large database was gathered with space images of the sky to prepare the next phase: an on-board algorithm to identify stars in the images and to demonstrate the feasibility of an “augmented” measurement called “object tracking”. A prototype algorithm of image processing was coded in MATLAB/OCTAVE to post-process the images on ground. The first version of the on-board code of AbC in C++ is currently tested, along with the development of a validation pipeline. We are now hiring to code the full version of the on-board code AbC, to be first validated with our database and, then, run in space with OPS-SAT or other flying or future satellites also interested in the experiment. The experiment is led by CENSUS in the frame of the development of nanosatellite techniques for the next generation of scientific CubeSats.

Our new collaborator, engineer or assistant engineer, will have to take over the existing development for both the on-board algorithm AbC and the validation pipeline. Specifications (in English) of the algorithm, of the database and of the already planed developments are available. Within a dialog with the OPS-SAT team at ESA, the successive versions of the algorithm AbC in C++ will have to be compiled in Intel environment, considering the best strategy to control the attitude of the satellite and the on-board camera, then compiled in ARM environment, then uploaded to the satellite and planed for processing. The results will have to be compared with the expectations on the validation pipeline for analysis and improvements, before considering an intensive campaign in space. In parallel, the code, the database and the validation pipeline will be adapted to be used as a generic “augmented” sensor for use in a variety of satellites.
Activités -Take over of the code, the database, the validation pipeline and their specifications
-Plan the development and dialog with ESA's OPS-SAT team
-Code and validate the successive versions in coordination with the P.I.
-Report the progress with presentations to ESA and papers & talks in workshops, including in an international conference if appropriate during the period.
-Participate in CENSUS' discussions for the support to the scientific nanosatellite projects
-Participate in a possible side-action for A.I. algorithm to be added in AbC
-Enjoy the great environment of Paris Observatory in Meudon (astronomy culture)
Compétences -Mandatory:
-Good skill and experience in C++ for LINUX & Windows environment is mandatory
-Correct written English (all documentation in English), fluent spoken English
-Knowledge in Embedded Electronics, git, MATLAB/OCTAVE occasionally, is an asset
-Interest is highly appreciated in astronomy (magnitudes, spectrum), image processing (SNR, distortions) and mathematical techniques (statistics, convolutions, linear algebra)
Nom du contact Boris SEGRET
Email contact.census@obspm.fr
Téléphone +
Durée 13 mois
Date d'embauche 01/10/2022
Salaire selon expérience
Modalités -Applications with resume, citizenship AND motication letter in ENGLISH only
-Applications to contact.census@obspm.fr
-Projects in C++ (techniques and validations) must be detailed in the motivation letter
-Young graduates accepted, related internships and projects will be an advantage

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