Here you will find shortcuts to explore the world of exoplanets.

To plan your trip, you have sky charts and a map in 3 dimensions.

You can learn how researchers search out smaller or more distant planets, and whether these exotic planets are like our Earth.

A counter and a table allow you to follow live, the total number of exoplanets and how they are divided according to their sizes and their temperatures.

To explore the properties of exoplanets, you have to hand the catalog of all exoplanets featuring the data from the search portal of the Observatory of Paris, exoplanet.eu. You also have statistical tools for histograms and diagrams.

You can visit each system, turn around, get a close up of the planets and see the information we have, and which we still need.

However to start this tour, come and listen to an exoplanet researcher summarize the main stages of these fabulous discoveries.

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